Monday, August 5, 2013

A Plea for Help from a Young Detroit Lady by Alyssia Akers

Here is an interesting letter an 18-year-old Detroit young lady wrote. 


My name is Alyssia Akers, I am 18 years old and I live in Detroit, Michigan. I am a recent graduate of Cody Rouge High School in Detroit, a varsity athlete and I have a passion for community activism. Last fall, I was attacked on my way home from basketball practice. I was dragged toward one of the many abandoned homes that surround my school. Fortunately, a neighbor witnessed the assault and scared off my attackers before they could get me inside.

As you can imagine, this traumatic experience changed me, but I was determined to prevent others from having to suffer the same fate. Working with Youth Voice-a student led community organizing program-of the Harriet Tubman Center, I organized a 400 plus volunteer effort to board up the abandoned buildings that surround Central High.

My courageous story as well as that of two other remarkable students was recently featured on MTV. The show in its entirety may be viewed online at the link below:

I continue to move forward and I'm hoping to attend Bowling Green College in Ohio this coming fall. Although I have received a financial aid award from the college, I am still a few thousand dollars away from covering the cost of attendance.
I’m asking for help by donating to my college fund where I need $4,000. You can donate here and receive a tax deduction at the Scholarship Academy. Click Here to Donate to the Alyssia Akers Scholarship Fund

You can also give me money directly by visiting a page I created at: You will receive a receipt for your generosity from the Harriet Tubman Center and please also let me know of your act of kindness.
Thank you for your help,


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