Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't Like Detroit? You can make it just one day.

As a suburbanite living in the Metro Detroit Area, it is easy for me to cast stones on our troubled city in Detroit, but I'm confident that most people living within the city will not try to convince you there are not any problems.

In fact, many of these problems are really complicated and involved.  The solution is not within a year, much less a day.

However, even if you're broke and do not have a lot of money, there is something you can do to help make the city better in as little as one (1) day...

Answer to Making Detroit Better in Just 1 Day: Street Clean ups

Street clean ups are not glamorous, but they are effective.  Many parts of the city's streets are lined with trash, which is never sightly.  More importantly, when people see nothing but trash lining the streets and parking lots, it's pretty easy to disrespect our own roles in keeping a city clean.

Why would we care?  Nobody else does?

However, THAT is the difference between great people...and average people.

Great people lead by doing the right thing, even when other people around them might not...maybe even when NOBODY else is doing the right thing.

You can become a trend setter.  You will be amazed about the number of people who will follow your lead...especially with cleaning the city.

Cleaning the city is not going to solve every problem in the City of Detroit, but it will provide a nice start.  Who wants to help a dirty city?

Are you doing your part to keep the city clean...or dirty?

To check out upcoming events in and around Detroit, click HERE.

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