Sunday, October 6, 2013

Are you relying on natural talent, or are you building skills?

It's really cool to have awesome talent.  Most of us wish that we were good at everything.

Many of us gravitate toward doing things that come most easily for us, and we tend to avoid things that are most difficult.

Key Point: If you want to be more than average, you have to do things average people are not willing to do.

Have you ever noticed that player who seemed to be great when he (or she) was young but later in life (or even just a little later during childhood) didn't seem to have that edge of his or her opponents like once was?

It's like that person USED to dominate, but now this is a good player but not extraordinary.

How does that happen?  Did this player get worse?

No...probably not!

So what (probably) happened?

This person just had a lot of natural talent...more talent that most of the other kids surrounding him or her.

Then what happened?

Some of those other kids saw this dominating player and wanted to be like him (or her).  So some of these other kids started practicing to build their skills.

What's the difference between SKILLS and TALENT?

Talent comes naturally.

Skills are built...usually through practice, concentration, and mostly determination.

In other words, if you're talented, you're special...but you're NOT really special.

The special, extraordinary people PURPOSELY build their skills.

Who is more impressive, talented or skilled people?

The best people are naturally talented, but they continue to build their skills so that they can become better...and possibly continue to dominate.  (They know that there is always someone waiting to take over their spot as "the great one.")

Key Question: Are you currently trying to build skills, or are you just relying on your natural talent?

Which talent(s) came naturally for you?  What skills can YOU work toward developing?

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