Friday, November 8, 2013

Keys to Upgrading our Detroit Education System (by Elonte Davis)

Education starts with the child, put is made important by parents and peers. Then the schools and how teacher approach is.

First if—somehow—we can make education fun and cool to the children, it would be easy to develop these children. In my estimation, that would put pressure on both parent and teach to feed the child with education.

Also, if the parent feels education is important, they will seek good schools or put pressure on the teacher and school system. When the school feels the pressure from the community to educate the youth better, the school (hopefully) will hire more inspiring teachers.

The school should put pressure on the faculty to compete with suburban schools as well as Cass & Renaissance.

Last but not least, in my eyes—and this is a personal opinion—is that, it's all about politics. When we get on the people who is running our school systems, then we don't worry about changes that get made oe people’s jobs being at risk. When your threaten to take away someone money, you will get reaction.

I believe it will  be a trickle down effect, starting the school boards. They will then get on the people running the school…and so on and so on.

I'm not just talking about a little uproar; I'm talking about a strong movement.

Then we will see a change in Detroit education systems, from the textbooks all the way to the attitude of students wanting to attend school.

I mean…who is really scared of a dog who barks but don't bite?

I think we should be in full dog fight mode, then we will see change.

If we the people not in it for the long run, then what's the use?  We will just be wasting time and energy if we're not ready to take on issues facing the Board of Education.

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